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Hardware, Datasource, Decoders



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System SetUp and Other Support Info


How Help Is Organized

Getting Started provides information on how to enter the ComProbe software to begin a capture session. Next the Control window, that is the jumping off point for all analyzer functions, controls and menus are presented.

Configuration shows you how to set up the ComProbe BPA low energy product hardware, apply power, attach antennas, and how to configure the analyzer to capture data. Also this section provides information on how to set up decoder options.

Capture & Analyze is the largest section and presents information on all the tools that you will launch from the Control window. Included in this section is the Event Display, Frame Display, Message Sequence Chart, Bluetooth Timeline, Coexistent View, Packet Error Rate Statistics, and Audio Expert System among others.

Search/Find shows you how to navigate through the data using search, find, and filtering tools. These tools will help you reduce the large sets of data to workable and useable size by focusing on specific protocols and events.

Save/Export helps you save the data from a live capture session and shows you how to export and import that saved data for future analysis.

Information topics include how to contact Frontline's technical support team, and shows you additional ComProbe Protocol Analysis System settings that can help with tailoring the system to your specific needs. There is a large section of additional reference information that may be helpful and save you time.


Last updated: 8/16/2016 8:34 AM