Industrial Control

AUTOMATIONWORLD is an online source of manufacturing automation news and resources powered by ABB.

ENTELEC is an educational organization, dedicated to providing information to the information services professionals in the world's energy companies, with a main focus on Oil and Gas.

ISA is a great resource for industrial control training, books, and conferences. Serialtest and NetDecoder are used in ISA training classes.

ODVA supports network technologies built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) — DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™ and CIPsafety™. ODVA manages the development of these open technologies, and assists manufacturers and users of CIP-based networks through training and marketing activities. 

Bluetooth is a blog covering all aspects of Bluetooth technology and marketing.


Cambridge Silicon RadioCSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio)
A world leader in Bluetooth technology development.


Roving Networks is dedicated to the design and development of high quality, low cost, wireless networking products using rapid development cycles, aggressive cost engineering, and creative design.

  BlueRadios Inc.BlueRadios, Inc. - Denver, CO - - The tiny SMT internationally approved Bluetooth OEM wireless data / voice modems provide +100m range, serial interface, self-discovery, point-to-point networks / point-to-multipoint networks, includes integrated software stack, antenna and profiles, Standard AT commands.

  Bluetooth 1.1: Connect Without Cables, Second Edition by Jennifer Bray and Charles Sturman. This book has not been updated to reflect the adoption of the Bluetooth V1.2 specification, but still provides an excellent basis for understanding the fundamentals of Bluetooth wireless technology. To see this book at click here. To see this book at Barnes & click here.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group - The official Bluetooth Web Site. 

ZigBee & 802.15.4

ZigBee Alliance - The official ZigBee web site.

IEEE 802.15.4 Task Group - IEEE 802.15.4 is the underlying wireless standard that ZigBee is built upon.


Fundamentals of RS-232 Serial Communications - A comprehensive definition of the RS-232 standard, in PDF format.

Serial Comms Glossary - Basic list of terms and definitions.

Cabling FAQ - Very detailed explanation of data communications cabling. 


Introduction to Ethernet Technology - More depth and detail in this one.

Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site - Lots of general Ethernet info.

Daryl's TCP-IP Primer - Good overview of TCP/IP. 

Hardware Suppliers

National Instruments - Serial cards, including single and dual port PCMCIA cards for RS-232 and RS-485.

B&B Electronics - Serial cards (including high speed PCMCIA and PCI cards for RS-232 and RS-422/485), lots of good general serial data info. 

Quality Assurance

FrontlineFrontline Bluetooth® Interoperability Testing Services offers full Bluetooth interoperability testing of your devices against our comprehensive (+1000 devices) library using the latest Frontline protocol analyzers and tools.

The Quality Factory’s mission is to markedly improve the quality of every product and service that we come into contact with by fostering excellence and the Quality Culture through close collaboration with you - our customer. We provide a range of services including outsourced consumer electronic product development, QA and design verification, testing, and training and produce the Requirements EValuator line of products. 


3Com Networking Glossary - Good glossary of networking terms. - Great source of explanations for how various things work (including data communications).

Webopedia Online Computer Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technical Support.