Release Notes - Version
1. The Ethertest software supports the new 'Ethernet ComProbe'. The Ethernet ComProbe is an Ethernet tap that can passively monitor Ethernet traffic without the need for managed switches or making complex changes to network configuration. The tap sends captured data to the analysis PC via a USB port.

Ethernet ComProbe

Release Notes - Version
1. Users can now define separate filters for different Frame Display view sets.
2. Filters are now cached to improve performance.
3. SIP decoders for VoIP are now included in the product.
4. The Control Window now has a "Speedometer" that shows the rate of decoding incoming frames.
5. Overall performance improvement to FTS engine.
Release Notes - Version
  1. Frontline is pleased to announce the release of a new feature for our communications analyzers which will provide copy protection along with the ability to move/park the software license. This feature will be included in the Serialtest®, Ethertest®, MeshDecoder™, and NetDecoder™ analyzers. The release of these analyzers with copy protection will occur in early September.
  2. The Frontline copy protected software can be activated via the Internet, with manual browser activation or with manual activation via email request or a telephone call to Frontline. More detailed information on the license protection functionality and activation options is available in a separate document. (Installing, Activating, and Managing Frontline Test System (FTS) Products.
  3. The Ethertest Analyzer now comes with the new Dashboard feature that can be initiated from the Control Window, Frame Display or Navigator Display.

    Control Window with Network View and New Dashboard Buttons

  4. In addition to the customer requested Network View, the Ethernet Dashboard View brings additional capability to the Ethertest. The Dashboard View provides a high level view of the key activities occurring on the Ethernet communications network. Key features of this release includes a 10-minute history of network utilization, statistics on the top ten talkers (with a histogram for each), a speed meter with background color change alert for high network utilization, a meter to show bad packets percentage and a meter to show the top talker percentage. Also included is a chart for specific protocol activity. User-defined alarms with email notification will be coming in the next version. The Dashboard includes user definable alarms with e-mail notification when an alarm is triggered. You may define a group of allowable IP addresses and Ethertest will let you know when an unauthorized IP address is detected.

    As a reminder, the Ethertest Communications Analyzer is a passive Ethernet network monitoring software which works through the Network Interface Card in most PCs.

Release Notes - Version
1. Bug Fix: Ethertest Setup

The new release corrects a software issue which caused a critical analyzer error when "Ethertest Setup" was run from the Ethertest Setup Screen.

2. Initial Introduction of the Network View Feature.

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