Spectrum data in Coexistence View
Spectrum Energy and Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Coexistence

With the Frontline Sodera analyzer you can not only see all Bluetooth communications fully decoded and decrypted, but you can also view all of the RF energy existing in the 2.4 GHz ISM band! You do this by using the Coexistence View within the Frontline software.

In the coexistence view Bluetooth packets are overlaid on top of (when turned on) spectrum data. The darker the blue color shown indicates more RF energy. With this data you can often identify environmental transmissions like Wi-Fi data or even a microwave oven - both of which could potentially interfere with your Bluetooth communications. It is all clearly visible in the coexistence view.

The next version of Frontline software will allow you to connect a Frontline 802.11 a/b/g/n Protocol Analyzer via ProbeSync technology together with a Frontline Sodera analyzer and see fully decrypted BOTH Bluetooth and Wi-Fi packets, fully decrypted and decoded.

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Frontline has spent years developing and refining our world renowned family of protocol analyzers. With Frontline analyzers you can decode and decrypt live communication streams between Bluetooth devices. We have built in all existing Bluetooth profiles and much more. This powerful tool incorporates Frontline’s years of Bluetooth experience with the best decodes on the planet.