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TLF3000 Bluetooth BR/EDR RF PHY Tester

Breaking News: TLF3000 at Core of FRVS
TLF3000 Bluteooth Production / PHY Tester

TLF3000 RF PHY tester is a wideband, ultra-high dynamic range 2.4 GHz software-defined receiver, signal analyzer and signal generator. It captures and analyses the entire 2402-2480 MHz band simultaneously providing RF PHY testing, signal generation, signal analysis in one powerful package.

The TLF3000 is a highly portable and flexible test platform that due to unique parallel architecture can execute testing much faster than traditional RF test systems.

The TLF3000 Bluetooth BR/EDR Tester is available in two configurations for Developer and Production line test environments.

Developer Configuration

The Bluetooth BR/EDR developer configuration is specifically designed for use in a development lab environment for regression and pre-compliance testing.

TLF3000 Bluteooth Production / PHY Tester

Loopback Tester mode provides access to embedded test scripts to execute all the PHY test cases specified in Bluetooth Test Specification without the need for additional test equipment. The test scripts are set to the requirements of the specification by default for pre-compliance testing. Individual test case parameters can be altered to test above and beyond the specification. The DUT is automatically controlled by TLF3000 over-the-air.

Signal generator mode permits manual control over all the signal sources used in the Bluetooth RF PHY Test Specification. Any combination of the following signals can be generated simultaneously:

  1. Packetized LE test signal, including a CTE
  2. GFSK modulated interferer signal which may be either continuous or packetized
  3. Up to two in-band CW signals
  4. In-band AWGN (2395MHz to 2485MHz)
  5. Out-of-band CW signal*

All signal sources are fully parameterized
*CW Blocking limited to 6GHz

Signal analyzer mode performs transmitter tests on conducted or off-air signals monitoring all 79 BR/EDR channels simultaneously. The signal analyzer will process unwhitened packets in accordance with the transmitter tests contained within the Bluetooth RF Test Specification. When in signal analyzer mode, the DUT may either be controlled over-the-air or independently using the chip vendor’s tools, i.e. the signal analyzer can be operated in either a signaling or non-signaling mode. If the DUT is controlled over-the-air, then it is possible to perform receiver tests as well as transmitter tests.

Production Configuration

The Production configuration provides a limited GUI allowing the user to preselect relevant test cases which, when saved as a script, can then be run remotely in a production line test environment. The TLF3000 has a native language to control test case functionality and an API that can be driven via Python or C++ scripts. Production license is specifically designed for use in the Production line environment and is not suitable for hands-on lab use. Signal Generator and Signal Analyzer functionality is not accessible via GUI with the Production license.

Features and Benefits
  • Support for all RF-PHY test cases
  • Fast - 2 second boot time, and the in-band emissions test completes in 2.5 ms
  • Fully configurable test coverage and test time
  • Performs RF-PHY testing on live links
  • Simple and intuitive GUI quickly identifies faults
  • Single signal path eliminates the need for multiple pieces of gear
  • Standalone mode - test scripts can reside on a USB stick
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