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conformanceHarmony LE Tester

Harmony LE Tester

The conformanceHarmony LE Tester is a robust testing solution recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as a validated test platform, focused on the qualification testing of products to the Bluetooth low energy specification. It is an integrated software/hardware test platform for Bluetooth protocol qualification testing that provides:

  • Test Manager
  • Upper Tester
  • Lower Tester
The conformanceHarmony Low Energy Tester performs complete Bluetooth LE controller qualification testing for Link Layer and HCI test specifications, providing coverage for all adopted Bluetooth LE core specifications.

Test Manager
The Test Manager is responsible for test execution and results logging, running SIG-compliant test scripts. Test execution is automated, which allows the system to be integrated into automated regression test systems where no operator intervention is required in order to execute a test suite and parse the pass/fail results. Automated error recovery of the IUT from failures during testing prevents a cascade of failures due to a previous test, limiting failures to just the test that caused the IUT to fail.

Upper Tester
The Upper Tester interfaces to the IUT (Implementation Under Test) via HCI UART.

Lower Tester
The Lower Tester interfaces to the IUT via RF over the air and RF conducted.

Once tests have been run, the Harmony LE further simplifies the conformance process by automating the creation of Test evidence for submission to the Bluetooth SIG, including:

  • Digitally signed pdf report that can be submitted to Bluetooth SIG for certification
  • Easy addition of test results to SIG-generated Test plan (Launch Studio)
  • HCI and over-the-air capture files via X240 Protocol analyzer
  • complete log of test case validations and verdicts

Features and Benefits
  • Provides test scripts to execute all of low energy HCI and Link Layer tests needed to qualify a low energy device
  • Flexible test configuration supports multiple IUTs
  • Compliant with all adopted Bluetooth LE core specifications
  • Summarizes and pinpoints root cause of a FAIL or INCONCLUSIVE verdict
  • Allows for integration into "no operator required" automated test regression systems
  • User can customize testing with no effect on SIG-compliant conformance test suites
  • Easy to add test results to SIG-generated Test plan (Launch Studio)
  • Test Manager, Upper Tester and Lower Tester in one small, portable platform
  • Automated error recovery of IUT from failures during testing prevents cascade of failures and "false-negatives"
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