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TLF3000 802.15.4 RF PHY Tester

TLF3000 Bluteooth Production / PHY Tester

TLF3000 RF PHY tester is a wideband, ultra-high dynamic range 2.4 GHz software-defined receiver, signal analyzer and signal generator. It captures and analyses the entire 2402-2480 MHz band simultaneously, providing RF PHY testing, signal generation, signal analysis in one powerful package.

The TLF3000 hardware supports a number of different licensing options covering a number of 2.4GHz RF technologies, and two modes of functionality for Developer and Production line test environments.

A significant challenge for wireless product manufacturers has traditionally been the daunting range of test equipment and test set-up required for thorough testing of the RF interface. Often, issues are not found until products are submitted for testing at a qualification test house. With one portable package, the TLF3000 negates the need for multiple pieces of RF test equipment, and simplifies the test set-up for executing the test cases from the Bluetooth SIG RF PHY specification. TLF3000 combines a scripted PHY tester, packetized signal generation, in-band and out-of-band interferers, and a signal analyzer all combined into one box.

Developer Configuration

The developer license provides the user with a highly portable flexible test platform and is specifically designed for use in a development lab environment. The license enables the user to execute pre-defined test cases via the GUI or API using Python or C scripts.

TLF3000 Bluteooth Production / PHY Tester

A significant barrier to speed to market has traditionally been the daunting range of test equipment needed for thorough testing of the RF interface. With one portable package, the TLF3000 negates the need for multiple pieces of RF test equipment. TLF3000 has packetized signal generator, signal generator for in-band and out-of-band interferers and a signal analyzer all build-in to the one-box-solution.

Teledyne LeCroy RF Tester Suite – 802.15.4
  • Signal generator generates signals required for receiver testing including interfering and blocking signals

  • A variety of pulsed and continuous signals can be generated for measuring the receiver ED and AWGN may be added for LOI measurements

  • Signal analyzer performs transmitter tests on conducted or off-air signals without knowledge of the payload or RF channel
    • Tests include EVM, power spectral density, carrier offset and drift, output power as well as symbol timing accuracy
    • The output of the carrier tracking loop is also available
  • Monitor all 16 channels and either pipe the decoded packets directly into Wireshark for live protocol analysis or dump the packets to file

  • Signal analyzer performs transmitter and receiver tests which are manually configured

  • Packet sniffer with live output to Wireshark or data archive in pcap-ng format
    • Data capture can be restricted to certain channels or by an RSSI threshold

The TLF3000 has been honed for speed possessing unique parallel architecture to maximize throughput. The ability to perform in-band emission tests over the entire 2.4GHz ISM band in just a few milliseconds is particularly impressive.

Modes of Operation

  • Signal Generation
    • Create complex composite test signals
  • Signal Analysis
    • OTA or conducted detailed waveform analysis
  • Protocol Analysis
    • Capture and stream packets into Wireshark
    • Or save to file

Production Configuration

The Production license provides a limited GUI with the ability to select pre-defined test cases to create script files in a format which can be executed by native language programs or in combination with the Python and C dlls.

The Production license is specifically designed for use in the Production line environment and is not suitable for hands-on lab use. Signal Generator and Signal Analyzer functionality is not accessible via GUI with the Production license.

Features and Benefits
  • Fast - 2 second boot time, and the in-band emissions test completes in 2.5 ms
  • Fully configurable test coverage and test time
  • Performs RF-PHY testing on live links
  • Simple and intuitive GUI quickly identifies faults
  • Single signal path eliminates the need for multiple pieces of gear
  • Standalone mode - test scripts can reside on a USB stick
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