Release Notes - Version
  1. Added new feature Automatic New Software Version Notification.
  2. Added Audio 2.0 class decoding.
  3. Improved CDC decoding.
  4. Updated decoders for Mass Storage class.
  5. Added support for Win 7 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
  6. Fixed FTS4USB crashing issue on Japanese machine.
  7. Some other bug fixes.
Release Notes - Version
  1. Capture and decode Bluetooth® HCI data using FTS4USB and USB ComProbe II hardware. In this mode, USB and USB setup information will be filtered out; showing only Bluetooth packets.
  2. Double click .cfa file - When you double click a .cfa file, it will load the Capture File Viewer.
  3. Tooltip for supported spec version - Hover your mouse over the filter tab in the Frame Display and tooltip will tell you the supported spec version.
  4. Support for Windows Vista
  5. Wireless USB Protocol version 1.0 - Decoders for Wireless USB protocol have been added. We can decode class-specific descriptors and requests for Host Wire Adapter (HWA), Device Wire Adapter (DWA), and UWB Radio.
  6. On-The-Go Protocol version 1.3 - Added support for Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP) and Session Request Protocol (SRP).
  7. Human Interface Device (HID) Class - Updated HID decoders to support HID class-specific requests. For more information on all the protocols and classes that we support, please click here.
Release Notes - Version

Frontline’s USB Protocol Analyzer has new portable hardware that weighs less than 7 ounces (196 grams).


More filters to suppress packets such as SOF, NAK, and other data-less transactions. These filters will enable the analyzer to discard some common packet groups to reduce the amount of capture data received.



New hardware triggers to synchronize with other instruments. Hardware triggers provide a means for users to output certain events to other devices, such as oscilloscopes.


4. Ability to record external events to help isolate problems. Digital inputs provide a means for users to insert events into the data stream. There are four digital inputs that can be enabled individually.
5. Improved support for PRE and SPLIT transactions. The special PID PRE is used by the host to communicate with a low-speed device through a full-speed hub. Similarly, the special PID SPLIT is used by the host to communicate with a low-speed or full-speed device through a high-speed hub.
6. Ability to view bus activities, such as Suspend/Resume/Reset and OTG events HNP, SRP data-line and SRP VBus pulses.
7. Support for Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and Bluetooth HCI.
8. Decodes class-specific requests and descriptors for Video, PHDC, and MTP. For complete list of supported protocols and classes, please click here.

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