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SoderaTMLE Wideband Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

Sodera LE
Ready for the Curves Ahead!

Sodera LE is a wideband Bluetooth protocol analyzer capable of sniffing all Bluetooth low energy channels simultaneously and passing detected packets on to the Frontline software for analysis and review. The Bluetooth low energy specification is rapidly being updated with modification that enable the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and our connected world. Sodera LE uses a software defined radio, which gives flexibility to keeping up with these specification changes.

Ahead of the Curve

No matter what twists and curves the technology brings, developers using Sodera LE will be able to efficiently and effectively develop and troubleshoot their Bluetooth low energy enable devices.

Work Faster / Work Smarter

With Sodera LE you can speed through analysis, quickly. Built on the powerful Frontline software, used by engineers around the world to develop and quickly troubleshoot their Bluetooth enabled devices. Use views like the Blueteooth Timeline, Message Sequence Chart, and Packet Error Rate Statistics (PERStat), and Frame Display to troubleshooting communications issues related to:

  • Inter-frame Spacing
  • Insufficient Throughput
  • Packet Type Selection and Packet Size
  • Power Consumption and Efficient Power Use
  • Timing and Environment Issues
  • Mesh Technology and IoT

Frontline has spent years developing and refining our world renowned family of protocol analyzers. With Frontline analyzers you can decode and decrypt live communication streams between Bluetooth devices. We have built in all existing Bluetooth profiles and much more. This powerful tool incorporates Frontline’s years of Bluetooth experience with the best decodes on the planet.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Wireless Captures
    Capture over-the-air Bluetooth low energy packets, fully synchronized and time stamped, in the 2.4 GHz band
  • Capture Now, Decrypt Later
    Every Bluetooth channel captured concurrently for decryption and analysis at any time
  • Easy, Powerful, and Intuitive
    Analyze and troubleshoot captured data using Frontline’s software and views
  • Analyze Multiple Piconets
    Intuitive analysis of multiple wireless devices and connections
  • Small Footprint for portability and easy of use
  • Built-in Attenuation for conductive (wired) sniffing in noisy environments
  • Mesh technology using Bluetooth low energy support
  • Bluetooth Spec Support - current and upcoming specifications and important LE features like 2Mbps, advertising extensions, long range and other key updates
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