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BPA® 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

Frontline BPA 600
USB Powered

The Frontline BPA 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is a chipset based analyzer that is entirely USB-powered. Simply connect the analyzer to your laptop with a standard USB cable and take it wherever you need to go.

Flexible and Easy to use

The BPA 600 analyzer is easy to use and gives you flexibility to capture either “Classic” Bluetooth or low energy or both. With the BPA 600 hardware you can dedicate the entire analyzer to either of these technologies.

The Frontline BPA 600 Bluetooth protocol analyzer lets you to see and analyze "Classic" and low energy in a single coexistence view. You can see Classic and low energy connections simultaneously. This includes "Pre-Connection" traffic and frequency hopping sequence (FHS) packet information.

Link Key Handling

The Frontline BPA 600 analyzer makes link key management easy.

  • Link key order: Don't worry about the order of the link key - forwards or backwards is ok. The Frontline BPA 600 datasource automatically changes the link key order entered by the user to the correct one. You don't have to re-enter even if you put it in the wrong order.
Automation and using the Frontline API
Bluetooth Specification Coverage

The Frontline BPA 600 protocol analyzer supports the capture and decode of Bluetooth packets up to Bluetooth 4.2 specification with some minor limitations.

  • Bluetooth LE
    • Does not support 4.2 optional feature: Data Packet Length Extension
    • Limited to simultaneous 1 to 1 Connection
  • Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR)
    • Known issues with some recent implementations of Secure connections
    • Limited to 1 Master to 2 Slave connections

For customers that need to capture beyond Bluetooth 4.2 specification please see our Software Defined Radio (SDR) based analyzers Sodera Series and X240.


Frontline has spent years developing and refining our world renowned family of protocol analyzers. With Frontline analyzers you can decode and decrypt live communication streams between Bluetooth devices. We have built in all existing Bluetooth profiles and much more. This powerful tool incorporates Frontline’s years of Bluetooth experience with the best decodes on the planet.

  • Portability - USB-powered and small size means YOU decide where and how to test.
  • Power - Capture and Analyze Pre-Connection Traffic
  • Visibility - See into all three advertising channels concurrently, even before connection is established.
  • Easy Link Keys - Link key order automatically corrected in Datasource.
  • Bluetooth Coverage - Support up to Bluetooth 4.2 specifications.
  • Decodes - Detailed protocol/profile decodes simplify debugging and help get products to market faster, pinpoint interoperability issues.
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