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ComProbe USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer - FTS4USB™

USB Comprobe II
"Live" Means Quick Debugging & Verification

The ComProbe USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer ships with a portable USB ComProbe® II hardware device and the powerful ComProbe Protocol Analysis System (CPAS) software which includes live display, simplifies understanding of what is happening on a USB circuit by simultaneously capturing, decoding, displaying, filtering, and detecting errors-all live. Other USB analyzers don't work this way. Take, for example, debugging a USB mouse. With ComProbe USB you'll see the USB packets displayed live as you move the mouse. With other analyzers you need to capture the data, and then review what was captured. ComProbe USB reduces debug time by eliminating a step.


  • Hardware & Software USB Developers & Test Engineers.
  • Embedded Technology Developers.
  • Reduces debug time. Simultaneous live capture, decode, display, filtering, and detection of protocol errors.
  • Portable. Small and weighs less than 7 ounces (196 grams).
  • Affordable. Everyone can have their own unit. All software and hardware included for one low price.
  • Detailed decodes help simplify understanding complex protocols.
  • Robust filtering with tabbed viewing reduces information overload.
  • Extensive decoders support a wide variety of applications. Click here for complete list.
  • Built-in support for the DecoderScript™ language enables quick creation of custom decodes.
  • Synchronize with other instruments using hardware triggers.
  • Records external events to help isolate problems.
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