BluetoothNo matter where you are on the Bluetooth developer’s chain, the world’s first Bluetooth low energy analyzer helps you pinpoint protocol issues at a glance. As the first wave of Bluetooth low energy products begins to move from the laboratory to the field, Frontline is at the forefront, meeting the needs of Bluetooth low energy developers for debugging, testing and!
  •  Easy setup. Just start capturing.
  •  No need to synchronize to devices.
  •  Scans and captures all three advertising channels  concurrently.
  •  Decodes all traffic:
    • Advertising packets
    • Data packets
    • LL control packets and more.
  •  Includes DecoderScript® which allows writing decoders for custom protocols.
  •  Follow multiple CONNECT_REQ from the same master and capture the resulting connections.
  •  Follow pairing and decrypt encrypted traffic.
  •  Visibility into all three advertising channels, even before connection is established.
  •  Ability to turn off whitening.

Bluetooth low energy wireless technology an emerging specification and will change how the wireless world connects. Consuming only a fraction of the power of Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth wireless technology, it will allow hundreds of millions of new wireless devices to interoperate within the Bluetooth ecosystem. From watches, sports and fitness devices, to wellness, healthcare, and more, this new technology is expected to greatly accelerate the wireless evolution.

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