Frame Summary
View a one line high-level overview of each data frame/packet using the Summary Pane . Select a protocol layer and the most significant fields are displayed in a concise form. Selecting a frame causes a detailed view to appear in the Frame Decode pane. In order to facilitate troubleshooting, all panes are adjustable in size and are synchronized - selecting a frame in the Summary pane automatically updates the other panes, and selecting an item in the Decode pane highlights the corresponding bits or bytes in the other panes.

Frame Summary

Frame Decode
View a comprehensive layered decode of each frame/packet through the Decode Pane . Each field of a data frame is decoded layer-by-layer using a tree structure, with clear, concise descriptions. Selecting a field will automatically highlight the associated bytes in binary, hex, and ASCII. Selecting an item in the Decode pane will also highlight corresponding bits/bytes in other panes.

Detailed Frame Analysis
View data at varying levels of granularity, from frame level to bit level, on the Frame Display Window. Frames containing errors are highlighted in red in the Frame Summary pane, indicating the availability of detailed error analysis information in the Frame Decode pane. The level of drill-down analysis detail and the size of each drill-down pane are completely user controlled. Since all FTS windows are synchronized, a range of events selected in the Frame Display Window will also be selected in all other FTS4BT windows and panes. Multiple Frame Display windows can be opened simultaneously to allow users to view different sections of the captured data.