Waveform Viewer / Audio, Codec, and Bluetooth Protocol Events

The Waveform viewer is an easy way to see information about your Bluetooth enabled audio device - waveform, bit rate variance, audio events, codec events, and Bluetooth protocol events are all graphically displayed. The table below the waveform and event timeline summarizes individual events and gives more detail about each occurence. Clicking on a specific event brings you directly to the ComProbe software Frame Display and highlights the specific frames surround the event in the protocol trace.

To capture and view audio waveforms and events start the ComProbe software platform with the Audio Expert System module enabled and then start capturing. As Bluetooth frames and packets come into the ComProbe software live, the Audio Expert System scans for audio, codec, and Bluetooth protocol events and time aligns them with the Bluetooth packets in the ComProbe software.

Events are shown time aligned with both the actual audio waveform and bit rate variances in the waveform viewer.
Audio events include:
  • Audio drop-out
  • Clipping
  • Glitch detection
  • Frequency range levels
  • Peak and average audio levels
Codec events include:
  • Errors and information about codec configuration settings
  • Synchronization errors during packet processing
  • Bad packet headers
  • Packet Loss Concealment errors resulting in no output
  • Errors and information about codec configuration settings
  • Failures in CRC algorithm resulting in corruptions and errors
Bluetooth Protocol events include:
  • AVDTP Multiplexer configuration and usage errors
  • Enhanced configuration errors preventing the proper establishment of a connection
  • L2CAP protocol violations
  • Security violations
  • AVDTP command parameter validation issues
  • Bit rate information and variances
  • Bluetooth audio connects/disconnects
  • RTP header validation issues
  • Media frame and header issues
  • AVDTP/AVCTP integration issues
  • Packet loss