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FRVSTM Bluetooth® RF Test System

FRVS Bluetooth RF Test System



TLF3000 Bluteooth Production / PHY Tester

FRVS is recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as a validated test system for qualification testing of products to Bluetooth BR/EDR and low energy RF test specifications.

At the core of the system is the Teledyne LeCroy TLF3000 RF Tester which can test all the test cases up to 6GHz in the specification. (To perform blocking performance test cases which go up to 12.75GHz, an external CW generator is used).

FRVS Test Platform Components

The FRVS system is a highly portable and flexible qualification testing solution that, due to its unique parallel architecture, can execute testing much faster than traditional RF test systems. This compact yet powerful system is significantly smaller than comparable solutions, and can easily be accommodated on the test bench.

FRVS Test Platform Components

The FRVS Test System's main components include Windows Host PC, TLF3000 Hardware unit, FRVS validated test software, external CW generator and 2-way RF combiner.

The user configures the software for DUT connection and parameters from ICS/IXIT to enable test case selection. DUT properties are verified at the start of each test, and if incompatible, a test will not be run.

DUT Connection Properties
DUT Features



















Test results are displayed in real-time and can be reviewed after each test run. Test results can be exported into a PDF report for full breakdown of parametrized results for individual tests.

FRVS Testing Summary




FRVS Bluetooth Test System supports the following features:

FRVS Bluetooth Test Systems Features










The FRVS test system provides access to test cases as shown below:

FRVS Bluetooth Test System Test Cases


Features and Benefits
  • Recognized by Bluetooth SIG as a validated test system for Bluetooth BR/EDR and Low Energy RF Test Specifications
  • Highly versatile test system based on Teledyne LeCroy TLF3000 RF Tester
  • Fully automated test bench solution with unrivalled speed of test
  • Support for all category A and B tests listed in Bluetooth SIG TCRL
  • Test case coverage includes: Transmitter and Receiver tests for 1M, 2M, 3M and LE coded, Stable Modulation and 1/3/5-slot packets
  • Pre-compliance to AoA and AoD test cases
  • Automated compensation across 2.4GHz band for cable loss
  • Detailed test reports created automatically for Bluetooth SIG submission
  • Ability to run all tests for formal qualification or a selected subset of tests for pre-compliance confidence
  • Graceful recovery and continuation of testing in the case of DUT failure or connection issues
  • Compact, powerful and portable
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