Coexistence View: 802.11 and Bluetooth wireless technologies

Coexistence of packets between 802.11 data and Bluetooth data is possibly one of the most challenging tasks for wireless device developers. Knowing precise packet timing, size, location, frequency of each and every packet is essential to successfully developing and debugging devices using both technologies.

To see 802.11 packets together with Bluetooth (classic and low energy) packets you need to connect the ComProbe 802.11 analyzer together with the Frontline Sodera or BPA 600 analyzer via ProbeSyncTM, a Frontline technology that allows two or more analyzers to share a common clock. Once connected you can see both technology together in one coexistence view.

The ComProbe 802.11 Protocol Analyzer includes unique characteristics that make viewing 801.11 packets and Bluetooth packets together in a single coexistence view possible. These are:

  • Precise Packet Information and Timestamps
  • Clock synchronization and sharing through ProbeSyncTM technology

In the coexistence view you can see both 802.11 and Bluetooth packets together and quickly identify / troubleshoot issues - live.

ComProbe 802.11
Bluetooth Specifications and Frontline Analyzers

The ComProbe 802.11 analyzer replaces Frontline's previous 802.11 "AirPCap" add-on. Although the old, like the new works with both FTS4BT (Bluetooth v3.0 +HS) and ComProbe BPA 500 (Bluetooth v4.0 +HS) there have been dramatic improvements including the data buffer size, time-stamp precision, and use of ProbeSync technology. While ComProbe 802.11 will continue to work with FTS4BT, there is no way to share a clock with it and will therefore not be as accurate using coexistence view. To take advantage of the full potential of the new ComProbe 802.11 protocol analyzer it should be used in conjunction with the BPA 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer .