Message Sequence Chart technology is available in the complete line of Frontline® ComProbe® Bluetooth protocol analyzers. MSC displays a concise overview of a Bluetooth connection, highlighting the essential elements of the connection. At a glance, you can see the flow of the data, including role switches, connection requests, and errors. You can look at all the packets in the capture, or filter by protocol/profile. The MSC is color coded for a clear and easy to use view of your data.

MSC is a diagramming technique used to describe the message interchange between Bluetooth devices. The Frontline implementation of MSC is a powerful navigation tool that allows you to easily understand what is going on over the Bluetooth link. With MSC you can quickly see the whole story of the Bluetooth link in one view. The MSC is also an excellent educational tool that gives you a simplified view of the very complex Bluetooth wireless protocol. The MSC helps to easily troubleshoot issues and deliver a stable Bluetooth enabled product.

Frontline MSC
Frontline MSC Benefits:

All of the Frontline Bluetooth analyzers allow you to view MSC.

  • Simple and easy-to-understand terms
  • MSC makes it easy to see:
    • Physical links
    • Logical links
    • Protocol level activities
    • Profile level activities