The Frontline® ComProbe family of protocol analyzers runs on our robust software engine called the ComProbe Protocol Analysis System or ComProbe software. Whether you are sniffing the air or connecting directly to the chip Frontline analyzers use the same powerful ComProbe software to help you test, troubleshoot, and debug communications faster!

ComProbe software is an easy to use and powerful protocol analysis platform. Simply use the appropriate ComProbe hardware or write your own proprietary code to pump communication streams directly into the ComProbe software where they are decoded, decrypted, and analyzed. Within the ComProbe software you see packets, frames, events, coexistence, binary, hex, radix, statistics, errors, and much more.

The following technologies work with ComProbe software:

The ComProbe software is shipped with each device or can be downloaded from our website at any time. All Frontline ComProbe analyzers use ComProbe software.

Frontline ComProbe Analyzers
Frontline ComProbe Protocol Analysis System Benefits:
  • Powerful PC based analysis software - view packets, frames, events, message sequence charts, coexistence, packet error rates, statistics, and more!
  • Easy to install and use:
    • Get up and running fast - just load the software and get to work in the intuitive software framework.
    • Automatically detects connected Frontline devices - plug in a device and see instantly the types of communications you can sniff.
    • Single familiar software interface - No need to learn new or multiple software packages, it's one software core all ComProbe analyzers.
  • Robust and fast - process and analyze large quantities of data live or review/share them later with your collegues using capture files.
  • Unmatched decodes - constantly being updated and improved.
  • Write your own custom decodes - ComProbe software includes DecoderScript®, a Frontline software scripting tool used to write proprietary decodes and logic.