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ComProbe® NFC Protocol Analyzer: NFC-A, NFC-B and NFC-F

ComProbe NFC Protocol Analyzer

As Near Field Communication technologies are incorporated in consumer electronics with increasing frequency, developers have demanded a product that can debug and analyze this set of standards accurately and affordably. Frontline has the answer - the ComProbe NFC Protocol Analyzer, a low cost, portable and feature-rich analysis tool that comes packed with the quarter century of decoding experience that has made Frontline the industry expert in communications analysis.

ComProbe NFC harnesses the power of the ComProbe Protocol Analysis System software to analyze and debug NFC technology as used in applications demanding device to device, device to tag, and device as tag data transfer. Bluetooth® developers exploiting the out of band pairing aspect of NFC communications will find a place for the ComProbe NFC on their workbench.

  • Compact footprint delivers big features to developers of NFC and Bluetooth technologies
  • USB-powered means excellent portability and simpler device setup - just plug into the USB port and go!
  • Faster to Market Reduces debug time with simultaneous live capture, display, decode, filtering and detection of protocol errors
  • Industry-best decodes means everything is decoded correctly and completely. Frontline decodes are unmatched in the industry.
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