Frontline® SoderaTM Wideband Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

Developers and Test Engineers rely on Frontline Tools

Frontline is the acknowledged industry leader when it comes to Bluetooth sniffers. The Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is the newest member of the trusted Frontline family of analyzers and delivers the same dependable performance developers and test engineers have come to expect from all Frontline products. Just plug it in and go.

Sodera Frame Display Summary Pane

The Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is an invaluable tool to help developers and testers get through the design, debug, test, verify and qualification cycle quickly and reliably. In fact, no matter where you are in the chain, the Frontline Sodera protocol analyzer will help you get your Bluetooth wireless products to market sooner.

  • Wireless Captures
    Capture ALL over-the-air Bluetooth packets, fully synchronized and time stamped, in the 2.4 GHz band
  • Capture Now, Decrypt Later
    Every Bluetooth channel captured concurrently for decryption and analysis at any time
  • Easy, Powerful, and Intuitive
    Analyze and troubleshoot captured data using Frontline’s software and views
  • Analyze Multiple Piconets
    Intuitive analysis of multiple wireless devices and connections
  • Peerless Portability
    On-board battery and with a small footprint means you can work when and where you need to
  • Fully Configurable
    Software-defined radio means no hardware changes required as the Bluetooth wireless technology evolves
  • Total Audio and Protocol Event Correlation
    Works with the Audio Expert System software module to quickly solve Bluetooth protocol related audio issues
Hardware Specifications
Bus Type: USB 2.0 Type A, compatible with USB1.1
Operating Frequencies: 2402 MHz – 2480 MHz
Power: 9-17 VDC
Dimensions: 6.25” X 2.125” X 6.5”
158.75mm X 53.975mm X 165.1mm
Weight: 2.2lb / 1000g
Temperature: T<50° Celsius (normal) to T>60° Celsius(thermal overload)
Operating Temperature: 5° to 35° Celsius
41° to 95° Fahrenheit
Humidity: Operating: 10% to 90% RH (noncondensing)
MINIMUM PC REQUIREMENTS Core i5 at 2.7 GHz, 4GB RAM, 20GB hard disk space, Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, USB 2.0
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