Audio Expert System Software Module

Audio Expert System
Audio Expert System

The Audio Expert System is an audio quality tool set focused on resolving audio issues related to the Bluetooth protocol. It works in combination with Frontline's powerful ComProbe® software and allows Bluetooth engineers the ability to see audio and codecs events synchronized precisely with Bluetooth protocol events. The Audio Expert System provides information they need to efficiently develop and troubleshoot their Bluetooth enabled audio devices and improve overall audio quality for their customers.

Audio Expert System - Resolve Issues FAST!
The Right Tool for the Right Job

The right tool can make all the difference when trying to fix or resolve a problem. Using the right tool can save money, ease frustration, and save a lot of time. This is definitely the case when troubleshooting Bluetooth protocol-related audio quality issues.

Before the Audio Expert System module was released, Bluetooth engineers had to rely on guesswork and assumption about what might be adversely affecting the audio quality of their devices. It can be very challenging to determine the root cause of an audio issue - especially when it was related to the Bluetooth protocol. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. And when it didn't work it meant additional testing iterations, thorough code review, and more trial and error with numerous hours spent determining the cause of the disappointing audio quality.

There is a better way, and a better tool - the right tool. The Audio Expert System software module from Frontline gives Bluetooth engineers the information they need to find the root cause and efficiently develop and troubleshoot Bluetooth protocol-related audio quality issues.

Audio Expert System - Resolve Issues FAST!
How Does it Work?

It is a simple process. Just start the ComProbe software enabled with the Audio Expert System module and begin capturing. As Bluetooth frames and packets come into the ComProbe software, the Audio Expert System scans for audio, codec, and Bluetooth protocol events. Incoming events are time aligned them with the Bluetooth packets displayed in the ComProbe software. Audio, codec, and protocol events are graphically displayed in the wave form viewer within the Audio Expert System module and with a single click on an event engineers are brought directly to the exact packets or frames related to the event in the Bluetooth protocol trace.

Events are shown time aligned with both the actual audio wave form and bit rate variances in the wave form pane.

Features and Benefits
  • Real-Time Analysis Displays audio, codec and Bluetooth protocol events synced to audio waveforms as they happen
  • Superior Root Cause Analysis Pinpoints audio problems related to Bluetooth protocol issues
  • Total Audio and Protocol Event Correlation Correlates audio, codec, and Bluetooth protocol events to a single time line
  • Powerful Protocol Analysis Comes fully integrated with ComProbe software, providing seamless drill-down to the protocol packet level
  • Visualization of Audio Problems Provides real-time visualization of audio issues time-aligned with Bluetooth protocol events
  • Bit Rate Variance Analysis Bit rate graphs highlight transport and bandwidth issues that impact audio quality
  • Referenced Mode Analysis Significantly enhances the detail and quality of audio analysis by comparing results with known baseline information
  • Easy to Use Simplifies troubleshooting Bluetooth-related audio issues – for both experienced and new Bluetooth developers
  • Solve Problems Faster Minimizes test cycles and time consuming guesswork for protocol related audio issues
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