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Frontline BPA® low energy Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

ComProbe BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

In an increasingly mobile world, it’s more important than ever that developers’ tools are just as mobile as the devices and technologies they’re creating. Teledyne LeCroy puts problem-solving literally in the palm of your hand with the Frontline BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer. Smaller than a deck of cards and running on USB power, the Frontline BPA low energy packs a serious punch, decoding all traffic including advertising packets, data packets and LL control packets, and providing visibility into all three advertising channels concurrently, even before the connection is established. A single BPA low energy follows multiple connection requests from the same master to capture the resulting connections.

But powerful tools don’t have to be hard to use. With the Frontline BPA low energy, setup is easy and requires no synchronization to devices - just start capturing. Working with custom protocols? No problem. The BPA low energy includes DecoderScript, which allows specifying decodes for custom protocols.

The Frontline BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer from Teledyne LeCroy is the first name in portable, USB-powered, and affordable Bluetooth low energy analysis, and features the rich decoding toolset represented by the powerful analysis software.

  •  Easy setup. Just start capturing.
  •  No need to synchronize to devices.
  •  Scans and captures all three advertising channels concurrently.
  •  Supports low energy features through Bluetooth 4.2 *
  •  Decodes all traffic:
    • Advertising packets
    • Data packets
    • LL control packets and more.
ComProbe BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer - Frame Display
* Except optional extended packet length.
  • Analyze NOW - see events as they occur through live decoding and decryption of encrypted data
  • Extraordinarily portable size and USB-powered make this the perfect tool for bench or field
  • No Hassles Decoding - features simple device setup for developers of Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready technologies - just plug into the USB port and go!
  • Excellent Value Tailored specifically to low energy analysis, the ComProbe BPA low energy features maximum value for the money
  • Industry-best Decodes Bluetooth decodes that make for reliable development and problem-solving
  • Maximum Flexibility DecoderScript lets you specify decodes for custom protocols
  • Faster to Market Reduces debug time with simultaneous live capture, display, decode, filtering and detection of protocol errors
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