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Frontline High Speed UART (HSU) Protocol Analyzer - with ProbeSync Technology

Capture and decode Bluetooth, WCI-2 (HCI), and 802.11 Data

Frontline's High Speed UART (HSU) Protocol Analyzer lets you capture and decode chip level HCI or WCI-2 data directly. It is extremely portable and requires very little set up. Using Frontline's HSU analyzer lets you view detailed packet information and display all HCI commands and events within the powerful and mature Frontline Protocol Analysis System software UI.

Significantly Reduce Debugging Time with ProbeSync!

The Frontline HSU analyzer comes built in with Frontline’s ProbeSync technology - a clock sharing technology for use with Frontline Frontline analyzers. This means you will save time debugging and troubleshooting your Bluetooth enabled devices by capturing and viewing Bluetooth packets simultateously from BOTH over-the-air Bluetooth data using the Frontline BPA 600 analyzer AND over-the-wire HCI (HSU) Bluetooth data using the Frontline HSU analyzer. No more wondering when a packet came through, searching for correlations between capture files, etc. See both sets of data together and synchronized the way you need it.

Frontline HSU High Speed UART Protocol Analyzer with ProbeSync
The HCI sniffer displays and decodes all the protocol layers all the way through the profile. The profile list includes:

  • ATT
  • L2CAP
  • SDP
  • OBEX
  • OPP
  • FTP
  • BIP
  • SMP
  • HFP
  • HID
  • HSP
  • HCRP
  • SAP
  • MAP
  • HDP

Benefits and Features
  • Reduce Debugging Time
  • Data You Can Trust
  • Synced with Bluetooth
  • Easy to use and portable
  • USB-powered
  • Full serial protocol support - sniff H4, H5 and BCSP.
  • Easy SSP Decryption
  • Direct TTL connection to your HCI UART transport layer.
  • Needs access to the Rx (receive), Tx (transmit) and Gnd (Ground) terminals of the serial HCI link. These points are at TTL (Transistor, Transistor Logic voltage levels).
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