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Frontline X500TM Wireless Protocol Analyzer

Frontline X500

The Frontline X500 Wireless Protocol Analyzer is a powerful one-box test solution for wireless product developers that captures information streaming between devices enabled with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 802.15.4 technologies.

The Frontline X500, coupled with Teledyne LeCroy’s Wireless Protocol Suite software, delivers unparalleled performance for complex multi-technology test environments, including market-leading support for the latest Wi-Fi technologies.

The Right Tool for EVERY Job

The Frontline X500 Wireless Protocol Analyzer is the most versatile wireless analysis tool in the industry, boasting support not just for all released Bluetooth BR/EDR and Low Energy profiles and protocols, but for 802.15.4-based protocols like Zigbee and Thread, and all of the latest Wi-Fi technologies including Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e, which extends Wi-Fi technology into the 6GHz ISM band. Add to that RF spectrum analysis, mesh analysis, and support for 24 channel logic analysis and antenna diversity capability, the X500 is truly the right tool for EVERY wireless analysis job.

The Frontline X500 comes equipped with Excursion Mode, which allows the user to capture everything in the air at the push of a button, without any PC attached. The system also supports time-correlated operation and capture with other Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Analyzer industry leading tools, using the proprietary CATC Sync connectivity and CrossSync Software.

The integrated Bluetooth Audio Expert System is the first and only analysis tool on the market to combine audio analysis with Bluetooth protocol analysis, allowing developers to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a wide array of Bluetooth protocol-related audio problems.


Teledyne LeCroy has spent years developing and refining our world renowned family of Frontline protocol analyzers. With Frontline analyzers you can decode and decrypt live communication streams between Bluetooth devices. We have built in all existing Bluetooth profiles and much more. This powerful tool incorporates years of Bluetooth experience with the best decodes on the planet.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Powerful Protocol Test Solution for high accuracy capture performance
  • One-Box solution for simultaneous time-correlated capture of Bluetooth (BR/EDR) and Low Energy, 802.11-ax, 802.15.4 and wired technologies
  • Unrivalled Wi-Fi coverage 802.11-ac with 4x4 MIMO (Wi-Fi 5) and 802.11 ax 2x2 MU-MIMO (Wi-Fi 6 and 6e)
  • Logic Analysis via highly user-configurable PODs supports up to 24-channels via 3x 8-channel PODs
  • Capture and decode of HCI USB, HCI SPI and HCI UART (H4/H5/BCSP and WCI-2)
  • Live or post-capture decryption and analysis
  • Raw RF spectrum view helps identify potential RF conflicts
  • Excursion mode allows for one-button PC-free captures
  • All released Bluetooth profiles and protocols supported along with early access for prereleased features
  • Support for latest Bluetooth Mesh technology
  • Integration into automation setup using extensive APIs
Audio Expert System
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