Please download Frontline’s Free IEEE 11073-20601 Protocol Analyzer support for Continua Alliance CESL Platform users.

IEEE11073 for Windows XP (32-bit only), Windows 7 (32-bit & 64 bit)
Download 3/7/2012

    The Free Frontline IEEE11073-20601 sniffer will enable CESL users to decode and debug IEEE 11073-20601 level protocols that are run over CESL.

    The latest release of the Continua Enabled Source Code Library (CESL), or Vendor Assisted Source code, is now available to the membership. This is now in its third official release and helps members accelerate their product production, decreasing the time to market and saving Continua member companies more than $500,000 in product development! CESL is more than 500 modules of member-written source code that is being completed by LNI. It is not optimized for any specific device, and has already been downloaded by more than 40 Continua member companies. The latest release marks the first functionally complete edition.