Setup Information for the RS-232 ComProbe II

The RS-232 ComProbe II is used for sniffing serial, asynchronous RS-232 communications. The RS-232 ComProbe II is a finger-sized device that connects to the analysis PC via a USB port.

The RS-232 ComProbe II is passive on the bus. Some serial analyzers receive the data from one side of the circuit under test and retransmit it to the other side. The RS-232 ComProbe II does not work that way. It does not affect the communications on the bus. It passively collects all data on the wire and passes it up to Frontline’s analyzer software.

End users typically have different RS-232 bus configurations. Frontline includes accessories with the RS-232 ComProbe II which provide great flexibility in tapping various RS-232 communication networks. The RS-232 ComProbe II is shipped with:

  1. One 6-foot USB Cable.
  2. One RS-232 Y-Cable.

The RS-232 ComProbe II can be used directly in-line, or connected via a combination of a provided Y-cable and/or the 6-foot RS-232 extension cable. Some monitoring situations may require a pair of 25-pin to 9-pin adapter.

The various monitoring connection options are shown below:

Figure 1 - RS-232 ComProbe II Only

Figure 2 - RS-232 ComProbe II with Y-Cable

Figure 3 - RS-232 ComProbe II with Y-Cable and Extension