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Serialtest®: Asynchronous RS-232/422/485 Serial Protocol Analyzer and Packet Sniffer

NetDecoder has replaced the Serialtest Async analyzer. Please visit the NetDecoder analyzer page for additional information.

NetDecoder, Serialtest, Ethertest Fully Support Windows 10
RS-232 ComProbe II

Once you’ve used Serialtest, you will never want to work on another serial communication problem without it. Serialtest will help you quickly and easily find and fix even the most obscure problems and save countless hours of troubleshooting time. It is portable and easy-to-use with power and flexibility. No matter what the industry, Serialtest is an indispensable troubleshooting tool.

Serialtest Async is a PC-based analyzer for passively monitoring or actively testing serial asynchronous (async) communication circuits and networked equipment, at speeds up to 921.6 Kbps. The product offers an economical solution for debugging, testing, and troubleshooting equipment, circuits and software applications on serial data communication networks. Typical test application areas include utility meter reading, railroad signal and switch monitoring, PC-based control, lottery and gaming, credit authorization, and the Internet.

RS-422/485 ComProbe
Troubleshoot Serial Data Communications Live
  • High-speed, real-time data analysis.
  • Works with RS-232 ComProbe II and RS-422/485 ComProbe (both plug into USB ports).
  • Built-in decoders for Modbus RTU & ASCII, Async PPP, SLIP and TCP/IP.
  • Capture & View data, control signals and error conditions live in real-time.
  • Display Filters and Detailed decodes for rapid and easy analysis.
  • Errors are highlighted to quickly spot problems.
Trusted Worldwide by:
  • Field Engineers.
  • Software & Hardware Product Developers.
  • Network Integrators.
  • Network Administrators.
  • Network Troubleshooters.

The enhanced Serialtest protocol analyzer software enables shorter and less costly development intervals for data communication equipment and applications, faster and more efficient network installations, and improved mean-time-to-repair following equipment and network outages.

Serialtest with FTS Frame Display
Time-tested Frame Display Drills Down
to Show Errors in Finest Detail

The Serialtest Async product includes the respective ComProbes, the analyzer software, our DecoderScript decoder writing language and comprehensive product documentation. The RS-232 ComProbe II ships with a six-foot USB Cable and an RS-232 Y-Cable.

Write Custom Decodes Using the DecoderScript Language

Build your own custom decodes for proprietary protocols and extensions to existing protocol decoders using DecoderScript, Frontline's intuitive, high-level scripting language. Our DecoderScript Manual is a comprehensive guide to using the DecoderScript language and includes many examples of writing custom decoders.

See our specifications page for more information about system requirements.

  • Portable & Easy to use Async RS-232 ComProbe II and Async RS-422/485 ComProbe
  • Easy connectivity via USB ports
  • High speed, real-time data analysis
  • Captures all data and control signals
  • Supports many non-standard baud rates up to 921.6 Kbps
  • Built-in decoders for Modbus RTU & ASCII, Async PPP, SLIP & TCP/IP, Saia-Burgess S-Bus
  • Display filters and detailed decodes for rapid & easy analysis
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