Ethernet Dashboard View This is the Ethernet Dashboard Display Window Ethernet Dashboard View for TCP, Ethernet, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, ARP, DNS, DHCP/BOOTP, HTTP, ICMP, IGMP, LLC 802.2, LLDP, IBM NetBIOS, NBDS, NBNS, NBSS, NCP, RARP, SMB, SMTP, Novell Netware (IPX, SPX, IPX NetBIOS, NPX ROP, IPX SAP, NCP), and ISO CLNP. The Ethernet Dashboard includes: Top Talkers, 10 minute Histogram for Network Utilization, Histogram on Top Talkers, Alarms and protocol activities and more.

Ethertest's new Dashboard View enables you to see the dynamics of what is occurring on your Ethernet communications network. See an overview of the top talkers, protocol statistics, network utilization along with network alarms for the section of the network you are monitoring. Ethertest is a passive monitor and does not contribute to network loading.

Dashboard Activity View

  • Network Utilization Meter with Background Color Alert.
  • 10 Minute Histogram of Network Utilization.
  • Graphic Specific Activity can be Tied Back to Packet Decode Details.
  • Network Meter for Bad Packets with Background Color Alert.
  • Top Talker Meter with Background Color Alert.
  • Top Ten IP/MAC Addresses Contributing to Network Traffic.
  • 10 Minute Histogram of Top Ten IP/MAC Address Activity.
  • Distribution of TCP/or UDP Application Related Communications Protocols.
  • Network Alarms for Unauthorized IP Addresses.
  • Network Alarms for User Define Protocol Alarm Levels.
  • Email Notification Option for Alarms.
  • Display Options for 10MB, 100MB and 1GB Network Speed.