Ethernet ComProbe : Network Tap Animation

The Ethernet ComProbe is easy to use. Follow these steps to set up and configure your device.

To setup your PC to use the Ethernet ComProbe:
  1. Install Frontline’s software (either Ethertest or NetDecoder)
  2. Install WinPcap 4.1.1 or newer (for your convenience the installer for WinPCap is included on the Frontline CD)
  3. Install the drivers for the Ethernet ComProbe: Insert the USB cable from the Ethernet ComProbe to your PC. Follow the installation wizard and install the drivers for the Ethernet ComProbe.
  4. Open up your PC’s network configuration guide and manually set up IP addresses for the Ethernet ComProbe.
    Note: These addresses are visible only between the applications on your analysis PC and the Ethernet ComProbe. Neither the analysis PC nor the Ethernet ComProbe show up on the network.
    1. IP address:
    2. Subnet mask:

You are now ready to use the Ethernet ComProbe.

To tap the connection between a server and a switch:

  1. Unplug one end of Ethernet Cable from the switch and plug it into one of the RJ45 ports on the Ethernet ComProbe.
  2. Use a second Ethernet cable and connect it between the second RJ45 port on the Ethernet ComProbe and the switch.
  3. Connect a USB cable between the USB port on the Ethernet ComProbe and a USB port on your analysis PC.
  4. Run either NetDecoder or Ethertest on your analysis PC and capture data