NetDecoder's Network View feature provides an additional tool to easily debug network communication problems. Along with the Dashboard feature, the Network View forms a suite of graphical tools that provide an easy-to-comprehend visual display of the network. It can also be used to identify and fix problems before they can cause too much trouble on the network. The graphical features make NetDecoder an extremely powerful network analyzer and troubleshooting tool. The Network view is currently available for Ethernet and ControlNet networks.

Ethernet Network View

Ethernet Network View NetDecoder's Ethernet analyzer provides an extensive, customizable Network View display. Ethernet Network View Statistics include:
  • Utilization Information.
  • Packets Transmitted and Received.
  • DNS Names.
  • Nodes In and Out.
  • Broadcast Information.
  • IP Address, MAC Address, Net Bios Name.
  • Ability to enter User Assigned Friendly Names to the nodes.

ControlNet Network View

NetDecoder's ControlNet analyzer based on the 1784-PCC card, provides a Network View display. This view provides a complete grid-layout of all the nodes. The layout reflects the status of RSWho status inquiry of the network. This display is consistent with the feature provided by Rockwell Automation's ControlNet traffic analyzer. Active nodes are highlighted in green and non-existing nodes are shown in grey. Nodes that drop off the network instantly turn from green to grey indicating a problem. This change in device status points the network administrator in the direction of the problem. Apart from, the network layout, the ControlNet network view also provides statistics on:

  • Network Update Time.
  • Max Scheduled Node (Smax).
  • Maximum Unscheduled Node (Umax).
  • Slot time.
  • Blanking Time.
  • Guard Band information.
  • Interval Modulus.

ControlNet Network View

The ControlNet analyzer also provides the used and available scheduled and unscheduled bandwidth information. This information is very useful for troubleshooting problems on a ControlNet network.

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