Event Display

To open this window click the Event Display icon on the Control  window toolbar.

The Event Display window provides detailed information about every captured event. Events include data bytes, data related information such as start-of-frame and end-of-frame flags, and the analyzer information, such as when the data capture was paused. Data bytes are displayed in hex on the left side of the window, with the corresponding ASCII character on the right.

Event Display

Event Display

Click on an event to find out more about it. The three status lines at the bottom of the window are updated with information such as the time the event occurred (for data bytes, the time the byte was captured), the value of the byte in hex, decimal, octal, and binary, any errors associated with the byte, and more.

Events with errors are shown in red to make them easy to spot.

When capturing data live, the analyzer continually updates the Event Display as data is captured. Make sure the Lock icon is displayed on the toolbar to prevent the display from updating (Clicking on the icon again will unlock the display).  While locked, you can review your data, run searches, determine delta time intervals between bytes, and check CRCs. To resume updating the display, click the Lock icon again.

You can have more than one Event Display open at a time. Click the Duplicate View icon to create a second, independent Event Display window. You can lock one copy of the Event Display and analyze your data, while the second Event Display updates as new data is captured.

Event Display is synchronized with the Frame Display and Mesage Sequence Chart dialogs. Selecting a byte in Event Display will also select the related frame in the Frame Display and the related message in the Message Sequence Chart.