Starting the AudioExpert System (BPA 600 only)

To use the Audio Expert System™, the user must have

  • Current Premium Maintenance purchased from Frontline
  • Frontline hardware, with Audio Expert System™ license installed, connected to the PC. This is a requirement for both live capture and when viewing a saved capture file.

For live capture, set up the Frontline BPA 600 datasource and begin capturing data.

Note: Proper positioning of the Frontline hardware relative to the devices under test (DUT1-source, DUT2-sink) will contribute to effective data capture. "Air Sniffing: Positioning Devices".

For viewing a capture file, load the saved file from the Control window File menu.

When an audio stream is available the open the Audio Expert System™ Window by clicking on the Control window Audio Expert System™ button Button to open Audio Expert System. If the Frontline hardware is not licensed for Audio Expert System™, the button will not be present.