If you need to change the protocol stack used to interpret a capture file and the framing is different in the new stack, you need to reframe in order for the protocol decode to be correct. You can also use Reframe to frame unframed data. The original capture file is not altered during this process.

Note: You cannot reframe from the Capture File Viewer .

To reframe your data, load your capture file, select a protocol stack, and then select Reframe from the File menu on the Control window. Reframe is only available if the frame recognizer used to capture the data is different from the current frame recognizer.

In addition to choosing to Reframe, you can also be prompted to Reframe by the Protocol Stack Wizard.

  1. Load your capture file by choosing Open from the File menu on the Control window, and select the file to load.
  2. Select the protocol stack by choosing Protocol Stack from the Options menu on the Control window, select the desired stack and click Finish.
  3. If you selected a protocol stack that includes a frame recognizer different from the one used to capture your data, the Protocol Stack Wizard asks you if you want to reframe your data. Choose Yes.
  4. The analyzer adds frame markers to your data, puts the framed data into a new file, and opens the new file. The original capture file is not altered.

See "Unframing " for instructions on removing framing from data.