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Frame, Packet, and Protocol Analysis Synchronization

The Audio Expert System™ module integrates seamlessly with Frontline software with common timestamping of Bluetooth protocol data, audio events, audio waveform display, and codec events. The audio expert data and results are synchronized and coordinated with the existing Frontline software data views, such as Frame Display, Bluetooth Timeline, etc. to expedite the root-cause analysis of Bluetooth protocol related audio issues. When a frame is selected in any Frontline software data views, the corresponding audio data associated with those frames is also selected in the Wave Panel, Event Timeline and Event Table and vice-verse.

Protocol analysis tools synchronized to the Audio Expert System™ include:

  • Frame Display
  • Coexistence View
  • Bluetooth Timeline
  • Message Sequence Chart
  • Packet Error Rate Statistics

When a portion of the waveform is selected in the Wave Panel, all frames within the selection will be highlighted in the Frame Display, Coexistence View, and Bluetooth Timeline.

Note: If the Frame Display is filtered to show non-audio events then the frames associated with selected audio events may not show.

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