Adding Comments to a Capture File

The Notes feature allows you to add comments to a CFA file. These comments can be used for many purposes. For example, you can list the setup used to create the capture file, record why the file is useful to keep, or include notes to another person detailing which frames to look at and why. (Bookmarks are another useful way to record information about individual frames.)

To open the Notes window :

  1. Click the Show Notes icon . This icon is present on the toolbars of the Frame Display , as well as the Event Display . Notes can be selected from the Edit menu on one of these windows.
  2. Type your comments in the large edit box on the Notes window. The Cut, Copy, Paste features are supported from Edit menu and the toolbar Cut, Copy, and Paste Iconswhen text is selected. Undo and Redo features are all supported from Edit menu and the toolbar Undo Redo icons at the current cursor location.
  3. Click the thumbtack icon to keep the Notes window on top of any other windows.
  4. When you're done adding comments, close the window.
  5. When you close the capture file, you are asked to confirm the changes to the capture file. See Confirming Capture File (CFA) Changes for more information.

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