Control Window

The analyzer displays information in multiple windows, with each window presenting a different type of information. The Control window opens when the Run button is clicked in the Select Data Capture Method window. The Control window provides access to each Frontline analyzer functions and settings as well as a brief overview of the data in the capture file. Each icon on the toolbar represents a different data analysis function. A sample Control Window is shown below.

ComProbe Control Window

Control Window

Because the Control window can get lost behind other windows, every window has a Home icon that brings the Control window back to the front. Just click on the Home icon to restore the Control window.

When running the Capture File Viewer,  the Control window toolbar and menus contain only those selections needed to open a capture file and display the About box. Once a capture file is opened, the analyzer limits Control window functions to those that are useful for analyzing data contained in the current file. Because you cannot capture data while using Capture File Viewer, data capture functions are unavailable. For example, when viewing Ethernet data, the Signal Display is not available. The title bar of the Control window displays the name of the currently open file. The status line (below the toolbar) shows the configuration settings that were in use when the capture file was created.

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