Selecting Start Up Options

To open this window:

  1. Choose System Settings from the Options menu on the Control window.
  2. On the System Settings window, click the Start Up button.
  3. Choose one of the options to determine if the analyzer starts data capture immediately on starting up or not.

Start Up Options dialog

  • Don't start capturing immediately - This is the default setting. The analyzer begins monitoring data but does not begin capturing data until clicking the Start Captureicon on the Control, Event Display or Frame Display windows.
  • Start capturing to a file immediately - When the analyzer starts up, it immediately opens a capture file and begins data capture to it. This is the equivalent of clicking theStart Captureicon. The file is given a name based on the settings for capturing to a file or series of files in the System Settings window.
  • Start capturing immediately to the following file: - Enter a file name in the box below this option. When the analyzer starts up, it immediately begins data capture to that file. If the file already exists, the data in it is overwritten.