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Audio Expert System™ Window

This window is the working space for the Audio Expert System™. Upon opening Audio Expert System™ the window shown below will open with four main areas displayed :

  • Global Toolbar - Provides play cursor controls, waveform viewing controls, and volume controls that affect all Wave Panels.
  • Wave Panel - Displays the waveforms for each captured audio stream. There is a separate Wave Panel for each stream. Each panel contains local information, controls, and an event timeline specific to the displayed audio stream being shown. Other Wave Panels that may be off scream may be viewed using the vertical scroll control or by collapsing other Wave Panels.
  • Event Timeline - The Event Timeline shows Bluetooth events, Codec events, and Audio events synchronized to the displayed waveform. There is an Event Timeline in each Wave Panel.
  • Event Table – A tabular listing of Bluetooth, codec, and audio events with information on event severity, related Bluetooth frame, timestamp, and event information.

Audio Expert System Window

Audio Expert System™ Window

Color Codes and Icons

The Audio Expert System™ uses standard color codes and icons to assist the user in focusing on specific issues.

Audio Expert System™ Color Codes and Icons
Category Sub-Category Color Code Icon
Technology Bluetooth blue Bluetooth
Codec orange Codec
Audio green Audio
Event Severity Information purple
Warning yellow
Error red


Note: If an Event Severity icon is surrounded by a dark line, the event is a global event and not applying to a particular captured waveform. The event is assigned to "Stream 0" in the Event Table.

The following topics describe the Global Toolbar, Wave Panel, Event Timeline and Event Table in more detail.