Confirm Capture File (CFA) Changes

This dialog appears when you close a capture file after changing the Notes, the protocol stack, or bookmarks. The dialog lists information that was added or changed and allows you to select which information to save, and whether to save it to the current file or to a new one.

Changes made to the file appear in a list in the left pane. You can click on each item to see details in the right pane about what was changed for each item.  You simply check the boxes next to the changes you want to keep. Once you decide what changes to keep, select one of the following:

  • Save To This File – Saves the changes you have made to the current capture file.
  • Save As – Saves the changes to a new file.
  • Cancel the Close Operation – Closes the file and returns you back to the display. No changes are saved.
  • Discard Changes – Closes the file without saving any of the changes made to the notes, bookmarks, or protocol stack.

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