Status Information on the Control Window

The Status bar located just below the Configuration bar on the Control window provides a quick look at current activity in the analyzer.

  • Capture Status displays Not Active, Paused or Running and refers to the state of data capture. 

    • Not Active means that the analyzer is not currently capturing data.
    • Paused means that data capture has been suspended.
    • Running means that the analyzer is actively capturing data.
  • % Used

    The next item shows how much of the buffer or capture file has been filled. For example, if you are capturing to disk and have specified a 200 Kb capture file, the bar graph tells you how much of the capture file has been used. When the graph reaches 100%, capture either stops or the file begins to overwrite the oldest data, depending on the choices you made in the System Settings.

  • Utilization/Events

    The second half of the status bar gives the current utilization and total number of events seen on the network. This is the total number of events monitored, not the total number of events captured. The analyzer is always monitoring the circuit, even when data is not actively being captured. These graphs allow you to keep an eye on what is happening on the circuit, without requiring you to capture data.

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