Opening Data Capture Method

On product installation, the installer creates a folder on the windows desktop labeled "Frontline <version #>".

  1. Double-click the " Frontline <version #>" desktop folder

This opens a standard Windows file folder window.

Frontline CPAS Shortcut

Desktop Folder Link

  1. Double-click on Frontline ComProbe Protocol Analysis System and the system displays the Select Data Capture Method... dialog.

    Note: You can also access this dialog by selecting Start > All Programs > Frontline (Version #) > Frontline ComProbe Protocol Analysis System

Example: Select Data Capture Wizard

Example: Select Data Capture Method..., BPA 600

Three buttons appear at the bottom of the dialog; Run, Cancel, and Help.

Select Data Capture Method dialog buttons
Button Description
Becomes active when a capture method is selected. Starts the selected capture method.
Closes the dialog and exits the user back to the computer desktop.
Opens Frontline Help. Keyboard shortcut: F1.
  1. Expand the folder and select the data capture method that matches your configuration.
  2. Click on the Run button and the Frontline Control Window will open configured to the selected capture method.

Note: If you don't need to identify a capture method, then click the Run button to start the analyzer.

Creating a Shortcut

A checkbox labeled Create Shortcut When Run is located near the bottom of the dialog. This box is un-checked by default. Select this checkbox, and the system creates a shortcut for the selected method, and places it in the "Frontline ComProbe Protocol Analysis System <version#>" desktop folder and in the start menu when you click the Run button. This function allows you the option to create a shortcut icon that can be placed on the desktop. In the future, simply double-click the shortcut to start the analyzer in the associated protocol.

Supporting Documentation

The Frontline <version #>directory contains supporting documentation for development (Automation, DecoderScriptâ„¢, application notes), user documentation (Quick Start Guides and the Frontline User Manual), and maintenance tools.