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BPA 600 Baseband Layer Signal Strength

The BPA 600 calculates the ‘Signal Strength’ value, a representation of the radio signal strength relative to the position of the sniffer, for every Bluetooth® packet that it captures. The Signal Strength is not the true RSSI observed at the Bluetooth devices in the network being sniffed.

The Signal Strength is a value in the range from 1 through 14 with 1 being weakest and 14 being strongest . The BPA 600 firmware uses the built-in radio firmware features to calculate the Signal Strength value of the signal received at the ComProbe hardware. This calculated value is then mapped to the range of 1 to 14. This is an arbitrary range and does not have any units.

The Signal Strength value is shown as an additional decoded field in the Baseband layer. The field is called “Signal Strength at Sniffer” and will have a value in the range of 1 to 14 decimal. A value of 15 means that the signal strength was not reported. The field is also visible in the Summary Pane of the Frame Display.