Searching by Pattern

Search by Pattern lets you perform a traditional string search. You can combine any of the formats when entering your string, and your search can include wildcards.

To access the search by pattern function:

  1. Open a capture file to search.
  2. Open the Event Display or Frame Display window.
  3. Click on the Find icon or choose Find from the Edit menu.
  4. Click on the Pattern tab of the Find dialog.

Note: The tabs displayed on the Find dialog depend on the product you are running and the content of the capture file you are viewing.

Find Pattern Tab

Find Pattern Tab Side Restrictions

Pattern allows you to enter a string in the text box.  You can use characters, hex or binary digits, control characters, wildcards or a combination of any of the formats when entering your string. Every time you type in a search string, the ComProbe analyzer saves the search.  The next time you open Find, the drop-down list will contain your search parameters.

  1. Enter the search pattern.
  2. Check Ignore Case to do a case-insensitive search.
  3. When you have specified the pattern you want to use, click on the Find Next or Find Previous buttons to start the search from the current event.

The result of the search is displayed in the in Frame Display and Event Display.

Refer to Searching by Decode "Searching within Decodes" for information on Side Restrictions

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