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Packet Error Rate Statistics

The Packet Error Rate (PER) Stats view provides a dynamic graphical representation of the Packet Error Rate for each channel.  The dialog displays a graph for each Classic Bluetooth channel numbered 0 through 78 and for each Bluetooth low energy channel numbered 0 through 39.

Packet Error Rate Stats assist in detecting bad communication connections. When a high percentage of re-transmits, and/or header/payload errors occur, careful analysis of the statistics indicate whether the two devices under test are experiencing trouble communicating, or the packet sniffer is having difficulty listening.

Generally, if the statistics display either a large number of re-transmits with few errors or an equal number of errors and re-transmits, then the two devices are not communicating clearly. However, if the statistics display a large number of errors and a small number of re-transmits, then the packet sniffer is not receiving the transmissions clearly.

You can access this window in Classic Bluetooth by selecting the Classic Bluetooth Packet Error Rates Statistics icon from the Control window or Frame Display.   You can also open the window from the View menu on the same windows.

Click on a section of the dialog below to learn more about what you see and how to use PER Stats.

Classic Bluetooth Packet Error Rate

PER Stats Classic Bluetooth

Classic Bluetooth PER Stats Window

Bluetooth low energy Packet Error Rate

PER Stats Low energy

Bluetooth low energy PER Stats Window