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Packet Error Rate - Pie Chart and Expanded Chart

The Expanded PER Stats Chart (in the upper right ) displays detailed information about the channel selected from the main channel dialog.

Expanded Chart Pie Chart
Expanded Chart Pie Chart
  • When PER Stats is first opened, Channel 0 is displayed in the expanded chart.
  • The top orange number on the Y-Axis displays the maximum number of packets in Snap Mode. If Snap Mode is turned off, the number will display in light blue. For information about Snap Mode, see "Packet Error Rate - Additional Statistics "
  • The number of the selected channel is displayed in the upper-left corner of the expanded chart.
  • The combined value of Header and Payload/CRC errors for the channel is displayed in red as a percentage to the right of the channel number.
  • The megahertz (MHz) value is displayed in light blue text if the MHz option is selected in the Additional Statistics section.
  • The number of packets with no errors is displayed in light green in the bar chart.
  • For Classic Bluetooth® : The number of packets that have header errors is displayed in red in the bar chart.
  • For Classic Bluetooth: The number of payload errors is displayed in dark red in the bar chart.
  • For Classic Bluetooth: The number of re-transmits is displayed in yellow  in the bar chart.
  • All the values, except MHz, change dynamically when multiple time periods are selected in the "Packet Error Rate - Scroll Bar ".
  • When you select the Select Pie Chart in the upper-right corner, the bar chart is replaced by a pie chart. The pie chart applies to all channels, not a selected channel. To return to the bar chart, click on the channel again or click on the Expanded Chart in the upper right hand corner.