Event Pane

Event Pane Dispaly SelectionThe Event pane shows the physical bytes in the frame. You can choose between displaying only the data events or displaying all events by clicking the All Events icon .

Displaying all events means that special events, such as Start of Frame, End of Frame and any signal change events, are displayed as special symbols within the data.

The status lines at the bottom of the pane give the same information as the status lines in the Event Display window. This includes physical data errors, control signal changes (if appropriate), and timestamps.

Because the Event pane displays the physical bytes rather than the logical bytes, the data in the Event pane may be different from that in the Radix, Binary and Character panes.  See Physical vs. Logical Byte Display for more information.

Colors are used to show which protocol layer each byte belongs to.  The colors correspond to the layers listed in the Decode pane.

The Event, Radix, Binary, Character and Decode panes are all synchronized with one another.  Clicking on an element in any one of the panes highlights the corresponding element in all the other panes.