Packet Error Rate - Additional Statistics

Additional StatisticsThis Additional Statistics section of PER Stats displays information about selected packets, duration, and Y-Axis max, and it also has two controls.

  • Selecting MHz On displays the megahertz value for each channel in the main channels chart and also in the expanded chart.
  • Selecting MHz Off removes the megahertz value.
    • Selected Packets displays the packet range selected in the Scroll Bar.  This includes inapplicable packets. Closed
      Inapplicable packets include Wi-Fi packets, Sniffer Debug packets, any packets that are not relevant to PER Stats.  Inapplicable packets do not appear as part of the Additional Statistics. packets. 
  • Selected Duration identifies the total amount of time in the selected packet range displayed in the Scroll Bar.
  • Duration Per Bar in Scrollbar: identifies the amount of time represented by each bar in the Scroll Bar.
  • The Channel Graph Y-Axis Max can display two different values.  When the Snap Arrow is orange , the values for channels in the main chart are shown in relative terms in Snap Mode.  This means that one channel (or channels) with the greatest value is "snapped" to the top of the chart.  In the graphic below left, Channel 33 is snapped to the top of the chart.  
    The channel(s) with the greatest value become a full-scale reference display for the other channels that have been relatively scaled. Channel comparisons become easier. With Snap On you can select multiple time values in the Scroll Bar. When the Snap Arrow is white (Snap Mode turned off), the values for channels in the main chart are shown in absolute values where the max value of each channel graph is the same regardless of the position of the Viewport.  Channel 33, which is snapped to the top of the chart in Snap Mode (shown above left), appears like the right image when Snap Mode is turned off.  
  • Scrollbar Y-Axis Max displays the maximum Y-Axis value in the Scroll Bar.