Hiding and Revealing Protocol Layers in the Frame Display

Hiding protocol layers refers to the ability to prevent a layer from being displayed on the Decode pane. Hidden layers remain hidden for every frame where the layer is present, and can be revealed again at any time. You can hide as many layers as you wish.

Note: Hiding from the Frame Display affects only the data shown in the Frame Display and not any information in any other window.

There are two ways to hide a layer.

  1. Right-click on the layer in the Decode pane, and choose Hide [protocol name] Layer In All Frames.
  2. Click the Set Protocol Filtering button on the Summary pane toolbar. In the Protocols to Hide box on the right, check the protocol layer(s) you want hidden. Click OK when finished.

To reveal a hidden protocol layer:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Decode pane
  2. Choose Show [protocol name] Layer from the right-click menu, or click the Set Protocol Filtering button and un-check the layer or layers you want revealed.