Synchronizing the Event and Frame Displays

The Frame Display is synchronized with the Event Display. Click on a frame in the Frame Display and the corresponding bytes is highlighted in the Event Display. Each Frame Display has its own Event Display.

As an example, here's what happens if the following sequence of events occurs.

  1. Click on the Frame Display icon in Control window toolbar to open the Frame Display.
  2. Click on the Duplicate View icon to create Frame Display #2.
  3. Click on Event Display icon in Frame Display #2.  Event Display #2 opens. This Event Display is labeled #2, even though there is no original Event Display, to indicate that it is synchronized with Frame Display #2.
  4. Click on a frame in Frame Display #2. The corresponding bytes are highlighted in Event Display #2.
  5. Click on a frame in the original Frame Display. Event Display #2 does not change.

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