Working with Panes on Frame Display

When the Frame Display first opens, all panes are displayed except the Event pane (To view all the panes, select Show All Panes from the View menu).

  • The Toggle Expand Decode Pane icon makes the decode pane longer to view lengthy decodes better.
  • The Show Default Panes icon returns the Frame Display to its default settings.
  • The Show only Summary Pane icon Show Only Summary Pane displays on the Summary Pane.

To close a pane, right-click on the pane and select Hide This Pane from the pop-up menu, or de-select Show [Pane Name] from the View menu.

To open a pane, right-click on the any pane and select Show Hidden Panes from the pop-up menu and select the pane from the fly-out menu, or select Show [Pane Name] from the View menu.

To re-size a pane, place the cursor over the pane border until a double-arrow cursor appears. Click and drag on the pane border to re-size the pane.